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7 months ago

Lose weight fast

One of the most googled topics relating to health and fitness is

 “how to lose weight fast”

Understandably so! We live in a day and age where speed and efficiency is everything. Uber eats, Amazon prime, Robotic vacuums - the list goes on. 

The thing with health and fitness pursuits is that there are many various time scales. 

Not the weight measuring type but the actual length of times in which things happen. 

Weight loss is relatively quick although the amount of weight loss needed to actually see changes is unfortunately often longer than people are willing to stick to the plan or task. 

Progress in the gym is something with a shorter time scale - week to week you can see meaningful improvements that allow you to stay focused and on track towards bigger goals. 

How you feel in the gym is perhaps the shortest time scale. That awesome feeling after you finish happens every time you complete a workout. You know that you chose to better yourself and that is meaningful. The fact you actually took action is amazing and we are rewarded with endorphins, good feelings and a more positive outlook for the days to come. 

Perhaps it's not How to lose weight Fast that we need to focus on, (although I promise i'll tell you what to do). When we focus only on our goals we get caught up focusing way too far into the future. We don’t end up noticing the positive change we are making and instead end up frustrated that we don’t seem to be closer to the big goal. 

A good example might be that you want to go 10km down the road, you walk 500m and still feel like you haven’t made any progress yet in reality you are 5% of the way there! 

Anyway back to the actual How to lose weight fast thing. 

We have 3 tools to lose weight - sorry but in a sustainable way. 

  1. Increasing our daily energy expenditure

Fat loss is ultimately an equation that is calories in vs calories in. There are many areas of nuance that matter although if we can create a lifestyle where we burn more calories it makes it easier to lose weight. 

The People that move their bodies lots throughout the day as part of their ‘normal’ movements burn more calories. It's that simple.

A carpenter or hospitality worker would burn a lot more calories than an office worker as an example. 

A super simple strategy would be to track your daily steps as a way to ensure that you are doing ‘enough’ activity for the day. 8k-10k steps per day would be a great starting point. 

You may find that you don’t currently do enough steps and need to add dedicated cardio sessions to make up the amount of steps missing.

You basically want to complete as many steps as you can that doesn’t impact your lifestyle or recovery ability from training. 

  1. Controlling our calorie input.

Everyone knows you need to eat well to lose fat. The problem is many don’t know how to maintain healthy eating patterns to ensure that they keep the fat off. We all seem to have a dieting mentality and once that's over it all goes out the window. 

Initially you may want to track your calories in a calorie tracking app such as myfitnesspal or something similar. After an initial phase I would suggest you aim to create healthy habits based around the principles of correct nutrition, learning to use your hunger signals to guide your eating patterns. 

Given the fact that personalised nutritional advice is outside my current scope of practice ill refer out to a dietician or sports nutritionist at this point. 

Or you could always google macronutrient calculator and then go from there. 

  1. Weight training. 

Weight training allows us MANY benefits. The one you care about though is actually looking good once you’ve lost fat. 

Muscles are what give our bodies shape so it makes sense to train them effectively. 

Weights help keep us strong, mobile and is the only thing that can increase bone mineral density.

Performing weight training sessions also help us burn calories which will ultimately move us towards our fat loss goals - while building some muscle at the same time! 

Now that we’ve actually covered how to lose weight fast I think it's important just as a reminder that we bring up something super important. 

If you had a choice to lose weight fast or to lose weight in a slower yet more sustainable way, which would you choose? 

Just like all the get rich quick schemes - it’s cool to romanticise that we could solve all of our problems with a simple trick that no one knows about. The reality is though it will take some dedication, some sacrifice and sometimes doing things that are hard but its always worth it!