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4 months ago

Coach: Daniel Alexander

Give us a little background on who you are and where you're from?

Dan, 26 years old

Mostly Aussie - born and breed 😂

Movement and yoga has become a huge part of my life - it has become my way of life - love doing anything to do with bodyweight training, socialising with other members at the facilities and studios I attend to once a fortnight I would attend a mediation group run by friends of mine either at the beach or we would go for a bushwalk beforehand and trek back afterwards in the dark also haha

Attended lots of workshops seminars related to physical, mental well-being & anything to support myself plus to help with coaching.

How long have you been a coach for and what got you into the health & fitness industry?

I've only just started in the industry - looking to branch out & connect with likeminded individuals such as clients and other biz owners.

Through my personal journey - I found a lot of people doing the same thing as one another

and not focusing on the smaller things in terms of mobility training - they would just focus on the big muscle group chest, back & biceps etc.

I discovered that - it's okay to break away from style of training and try something new no matter what it is and have seen a lot of other people go down that path too as well.

So in saying that - big part was that help people with helping people with the mobility, flexibility and to adapt to trying new things by using their own bodyweight and to show they can be capable of so much more!!

What did you do before you were a Coach?

I'm still doing it now - I'm a general hand at metalwork place - strapping together orders and physically fixing up any misses on products before they are picked up ready to be delivered to the customer or business.

If you could only do one exercise for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Either handstands or a backflip - I know that's a skill

But theirs few muscles in engaged with this

Plus then ill be able to finally nail these movements.

What was the latest thing you've learnt in your area of expertise? Or currently learning?

To be innovate to be yourself

Business side of things - currently working on expanding in terms of that

enrolled in an online program that helps marketing through an online platform to bridge the gap between that and human connection.

Setting up for the long game.

Also doing creating online content through YouTube and instagram which I’m learning takes patience - it’s like a full time itself.

When you're not at the gym/with clients/working - what do you like to do to relax and unwind?

Just started Reading, umm watching something that makes me laugh - stepped back from watching tv a bit lately

Working on my physical wellbeing - self-practice that's how I become a better teacher :)

Who is someone you really admire in the health and fitness industry and why?

Rod Cooper - he's energy and enthusiasm for life which transverses to everyone around him - I thank him so much - big reason why I've evolved person I have in the last few years

John Marsh - he's approach to training is very direct and simplifies things - he's very passionate about other peoples work and always giving direct ideas and feedback which has helped me massively with creating online content.

He's also my current business coach

Renee Wilkinson - she is my yoga, mediation and also a dear friend of mine

Big reason I’m more comfortable with being myself mentally is because of inspirational words or courage, wisdom and she can cut straight to the sh*t - doesn’t miss around with anything she needs to say

Yoga has definitely changed my life and I know it’s done for a lot of people as well.

What's your favourite quote? fitness related or not.

To focus on what you can control !

Not what you can’t

Favourite book/YouTube/Netflix/article you like to recommend to people? Related to health and fitness.

I like to watch CrossFit games documentary that comes out every year

The amount work - the crew , athletes and production goes into showing off and on scene action is incredible

What the athletes put themselves is nuts - but the determination, will power  , physically and mentally is a lot

I praise anyone who competes in any type of individual sports - it’s not easy - I also know by experience myself.

Who is your typical client and how do you benefit their life?

Anywhere late 20s up to late 30s

At this age we are on the move a lot with work , socialising and family

So we intend to neglect some form of movement or tending to things that cause us discomfort and put off acute injuries or just tight muscles

So I give them knowledge and tools to help with this - also let me it takes time but have put some time each to tackle these things even if it’s just 10-20 mins before or after work

Mobility n flexibility exercises can be done anytime - anywhere.

What do you see most people struggle with when it comes to their health and fitness?

Mobility & flexibility - I see a lot of people don’t like to do this , don’t have much knowledge about it

So they do very little or none at all

This is even Someone like myself - sometimes isn’t on top on enough but try to tackle it at least 2-3 times a week.

Whats the best piece of advice to help with this?

Seek out wether it’s myself , movement, yoga or anyone that has great mobility and or flexibility

Check out there work if post routines or expertises - try it out

Or if you can meet with them - do a class or a private with that person

We all have social media platform let’s use it for the right reasons to connect and take action.

If you'd like to get to know Daniel more you can check out his profile here.