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By Jarrah Martin Fitness
Training for Fat-loss VS Muscle-Gain

I believe that the diet is the key variable when it comes to building muscle and losing fat but there are a few small variances in training styles which I am going to cover in this blog. There is also a lot of misconception around whether fe...

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By Custom Health Coaching
Understanding your story thats been holding you back

Our conscious mind operates around 5% of the time and our subconscious mind operates around 95% of the time. We have a part of our brainstem called the reticular activating system (RAS) and amongst other things our RAS operates as a filter for our th...

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By Shane Warne Fitness
What Diet Works Best?

What is the best diet for weight loss??You have probably heard all about the Keto diet and Intermittent Fasting. Add those to the already extensive list of diets getting about and it leads to quite a headache. You have one of your friends speaking...

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Coach: Yonah Duniam

Give us a little background on who you are and where you're from?My name is Yonah, I grew up In a small country town on the north-west coast of Tasmania. Have lived on the Gold Coast now for the last 7 years. love it up here, love the lifestyle, weat...

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By Robbie Seymour
Fitness for people over the age of 60

Do you feel like you are not 25 anymore and being neglected at 60 and not able to have better fitness?For too long the fitness industry has overlooked Baby Boomers and they have left them with no other alternative but to lead a sedentary lifestyle.St...

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By Daniel Alexander
Being A Student To A Craft

Being a student early on was something most of us didn't like being.⠀⠀As time goes on most us will find out that being a student is important when it comes to affecting a craft, it doesn't matter what it is in life.⠀⠀If you find something you're pass...

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