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10 week welcome to gym program


Produced by: Lo-Mass Personal Training

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  • Description

    My welcome to gym program is not just a program. 

    You will receive an account for use in an app that will contain a training program and also you will:
    - Learn how to train all major muscle groups. 
    - Learn which muscles are trained by which movements.
    - Learn how to progress your training as the weeks go on. 
    - Learn to maximize your results from minimal time in the gym. 

  • Summary

    Welcome to gym: 10 week program containing

    • 2 x 5 week programs put together with purpose and reason.
    • videos showing the exercises themselves. 
    • videos showing what muscles are used in certain movements
    • a training app with program and coach access with Matt Lomas
    • a training app to record your results in
    • check in form weekly. 

  • Coach Info

    Lo-Mass Personal Training

    Personal Training is your best chance to have an efficient, effective and enjoyable gym experience. 

    I've spent over a decade of trial and admittedly lots of errors so that you get only what works in the most logical format tailored to YOUR GOALS AND LIFESTYLE

    There is a Trial session available on my profile, take advantage of it and see if we are a good fit to work together.