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Giant Mass: Arms Edition


Produced by: Clinton Sills

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  • Description

    The Complete 6-Week Arm Training Muscle Growth System

    In this 6 week program, not only will you receive the correct exercises, rep-ranges and sets required to grow bigger arms,  you'll also learn the science and strategy behind muscle growth and development. 💪

  • Summary

    The Complete 6-Week Arm Training Muscle Growth System:

    What you'll learn 🤓

    • The Science of Muscle Growth

    • Mechanical Tension

    • Metabolic Stress

    • Muscle Damage

    • How to eat for muscle growth

    • The Temp Matrix

    • Nutrition Periodisation: Phase 1, 2, & 3

    • What Supplements to use

    • 6- Week Training Program

  • Coach Info

    Clinton Sills

    verified iconVerified business
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    Having previously played as an international & professional rugby player in which I was lucky enough to achieve over 50 caps for Australia and being apart of the NSW Waratahs & CA Brumbies in Super Rugby I fell into the Health & Fitness industry after succumbing to an injury which ended my career while playing in the French Pro D2.

    Once I returned to Australia I found my true passion in life and have not looked back, having spent the past 5 years learning from the best of the best when it comes to physique transformation and after stepping on stage myself as a Men’s Physique Champion, I knew I wanted to be able to help educate people on how to achieve their specific physique orientated goals in a time-effective manner.

    The industry is filled with a lot of misinformation so I pride myself on having learned some of the worlds leading physique coaches and muscular hypertrophy authorities such as Kilo Strength Society, Ballistic Advanced Training Institute, Joe Bennett, IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski & Mi40, Poliquin Group, Clean Health Fitness Institute, JPS Health & Fitness, Tommy Hewett & Rawdon Dubois – TDM.

    My purpose is to help apply a clinical approach to science-based physique coaching and your body composition orientated goals, acting as your personal GPS as we navigate you towards your destination, achieving long-lasting quality results.

    Within my own experience and research in the field, combined with training over 500 men AND women (in-person coaching) in the last 5 years, has provided me with the skill set needed to help people optimise physique development, shed fat, get stronger, and basically look ridiculously awesome without clothes on.

    Simply put, I help everyday men & women build better bodies - for life.

    At The Physique Coach, we have 3 key code's that we live by.

    1. Train Smarter, Not Harder.
    2. Quality Over Quantity.
    3. Progress, Not Perfection.

    I am dedicated to building a community that thrives collectively through training, nutrition and physique developmental education.

    Helping my clients, the 'every day man & woman, to understand the WHY behind everything we do, it empowers them to live a life with greater strength & confidence in building the body they deserve.